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Grand Junction Engineering is a concrete foundation design and engineering firm, offers a full range of Concrete foundation engineering, Slab foundation engineering, Basement wall engineering and foundation inspections services to Grand Junction community. Our business philosophy is to serve as partners to our clients while contributing to their success. Our patented and reliable solutions are effective for repairing foundation settlement issues in existing homes and commercial properties, as well as new construction. Our knowledge, relationships and experience allow us to provide the right solutions for a wide range of foundation engineering projects in Grand Junction, Colorado. We strive to incorporate into our designs the latest standards of environmentally sound practices and work cooperatively with governments and communities to promote sound environmental management.

Concrete Foundation Engineering

Foundations need to be dug according to a predetermined plan, and to have been accurately surveyed and set out. There are many variations of concrete foundation in Grand Junction depending on the purpose of the slab. Before any civil engineering has begun, concrete foundation engineer conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site to catalog a variety of conditions that could impact the structure. We have a proven track record of success in delivering cost effective and safe concrete foundation in Grand Junction, CO . Work with a team that considers every possible condition that could affect the stability of your new building.

Slab Foundation Engineering

A slab foundation is a common structural element of modern buildings in Grand Junction. As the name suggests, a slab is a single layer of concrete, several inches thick. The slab is poured thicker at the edges, to form an integral footing; reinforcing rods strengthen the thickened edge. Concrete slab foundation are placed as monolithic slabs with integral footings. These monolithic slab footings are thickened areas of the slab, usually located beneath bearing and exterior perimeter walls of the slab. Slab foundation engineering is a fast and economical foundation in Grand Junction, CO. Experts recommend using slab foundations in warmer climates, since freezing temperatures can cause the slab to shift in cold climates.

Basement Wall Engineering

Colorado Engineering Services is a renowned structural engineering consultancy firm providing full range of consulting services for basement wall solutions to the builders, contractors and homeowners in Grand Junction, CO. Understanding the basic requirements of basement wall construction in Grand Junction, Colorado helps to build basement walls with maximum strength and minimum maintenance. Basement walls should be planned and constructed carefully as they are probably the most important part of the structure. When basement walls are not built correctly, cracks might appear, and settling of the structure can also occur. Our talented and experienced structural engineers generate very effective and durable basement wall in Grand Junction, CO. The basement walls are designed for different types and different material depending upon the site conditions and client's requirements.

Foundation Inspections

We offer home foundation inspection to homeowners in Grand Junction, who suspect they may have seen any of the warning signs of a concrete slab or foundation problems. We are always here to serve our customers. You can trust Colorado Engineering firm for Foundation Inspection in Grand Junction, CO. Over sixty percent of the time, our customers are aligned with engineers as we proceed with a foundation inspection and foundation restoration. We check for interior Sheetrock cracks, doors that no longer close, framing that is pulling apart in the attic, brick cracks, brick separation, etc. and then we match these structural and cosmetic indications of movement with the elevation readings. If you see signs of a foundation distress, don’t delay in solving the problem, as it will lead to further damage to your property. Consequently, our Grand Junction foundation design and engineering team of experts can help you with a swift, quality repair.

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    Structural Engineering | Foundation Design | Colorado Engineering Services

    Welcome to Colorado Engineering Services, we are professional engineers who specialize in structural design and engineering.


    At Colorado Engineering Services, we provide foundation design, consulting and general design engineering expertise for General Contractors, Home Builders, Architects and Homeowners.

    We offer a wide range of services, including structural engineering for residential, commercial and industrial buildings such as homes and apartments, office and retail, manufacturing and processing plants, schools, gymnasiums, warehouses, museums, and churches.


    We have registered professional licensed engineers to provide structural, civil and mechanical engineering services in Colorado and Utah.

    Colorado Engineering Services works carefully with each client to meet their consulting needs before, during and after construction of new projects, additions to existing facilities, or commercial tenant improvements. 


    Structural Engineering Services:

    • Stem Wall Foundation Engineering
    • Slab Foundation Engineering
    • Basement Engineering
    • ICF Engineering
    • Residential Engineering
    • Multi Family Home Engineering
    • Duplex and Town home Engineering
    • Foundation Design
    • Engineering for Metal Buildings
    • Consultation for all light commercial structures.


    Our capabilities include commercial and residential design and industrial engineering. We work closely with architects, residential designers, contractors, and homeowners to provide superior residential and commercial engineering services.

    Commercial and Residential Engineering Services


    Colorado Engineering Services provides structural design and consultation services for commercial and residential projects throughout the Western Slope of Colorado. Colorado Engineering Services has provided innovative, cost effective designs for Architects and Homeowners for many years. We have the experience and design expertise together with the latest 3D design and drafting software to provide efficient, code compliant designs that stand the test of time.


    Colorado Engineering Services provides Structural observation, investigation and evaluation reports for the Insurance and Real Estate industries.

    We also provide Structural plan and peer review services for City Building Departments.


    Colorado Engineering Services is skilled in the design and analysis of steel, concrete, masonry, heavy timber and log construction. Our engineers are experienced individuals who think through the construction process of projects, and pride ourselves in construction knowledge and cost effective designs.


    Call Colorado Engineering Services for a free written estimate for your construction project (844) 697-0656

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