Basement Engineering

Basement Engineering

At Colorado Engineering Services, we have extensive specialist knowledge in basement engineering. Colorado Engineering Services can provide the manpower and expertise to undertake any size of basement engineering project offering a full planning and engineering service with an on-board structural engineer and party wall surveyor. Basements are excellent for anchoring a property to the ground while extending the foundation below the area’s frost line, which helps maintain the integrity of the foundation over time. Our comprehensive technical expertise ensures that all projects meet our client’s aspirations, comply with the relevant planning requirements and are delivered on time and within budget.

Our structural engineers’ design both new and retrofit basements for either commercial or domestic use including basements under gardens. We are able to provide in situ shuttering and casting of a new basement or prefabricated basement sections with many waterproofing and tanking options available to suit the property needs. There are numerous ways to design a basement while our structural engineers evaluate the ease of construction. Also, the feasibility and cost of the project will be taken into account. A carefully and well-thought-out structural basement design can limit expenditure on building costs. Consequently, the project time frame can be condensed as well. Basements are most often built in cold weather climates. The footings in these colder climates need to be below the frost line which is fairly deep in these areas.

Basements provide the cheapest square footage in most instances. The upfront cost of basements is high, but the cost of the square feet that is gained is comparatively inexpensive. Check your area for basements. If basements are popular in your area, not having one may make your home harder to sell.

The primary advantage to a basement foundation is all the extra space that it gives you. In some homes, finishing a full basement can nearly double the home's living space. A full basement can be conditioned (heated or cooled) like the rest of the house, or it can be unconditioned. The basement engineering is one of the most critical parts of any structure because the entire structure rests on the basement foundation. The strength of the foundation with a basement also determines the life of the structure. As such, it is important to be very cautious with basement design. A good understanding of basement design principles is essential for every practitioner, builder and supervisor involved so that those structures will be built and maintained safely throughout the life of the structure.

At Colorado Engineering Services, our professional and friendly approach, combined with our cost effectiveness, gives us an enviable reputation for repeat work. Contractors often approach us at tender stage to look at redesigning basements to reduce the cost and win them the project. You will be getting the best possible value for money when you choose Colorado Engineering Services for your basement engineering project. Our process includes a fully comprehensive service from the first dig to the last lick of paint. However, if you only require our expertise in a basement superstructure and waterproofing, we can provide our service to any stage of the build.