Engineer Inspection Services

Engineer Inspection Services

Colorado Engineering Services, provides a full range of engineer inspection services. Our services encompass the design and inspection of buildings and specialty structures. At Colorado Engineering Services, our engineer inspectors know and use effective inspection techniques for varying types of construction and provide complete and accurate documentation for the work – electronic, written and photographic. As a full-service building engineer inspection services company, we're able to deliver the results you need no matter how extensive you require your inspection to be.

We're staffed by licensed structural engineers who have experience with forensic engineering and structural design work. We have become the trusted independent advisor to many homeowners and property buyers who need to know if a structure or foundation is in healthy conditions. Our structural and foundation engineer inspection services are available in Grand Junction and surrounding areas.

We base our engineer inspection services upon physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different landscapes and materials. Our design utilizes a relatively small number of basic structural elements to build up structural systems that can be very complex. We make creative and efficient use of funds, structural elements and materials to achieve our client’s goals. We are committed to offering our experts opinion for any structural or foundation inspections in a timely and professional manner. Our experience is diverse and covers a wide variety of ancillary and construction services. We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers that offer customized services to all our customers.

When a structure is being renovated, or when an extension is added to a building, it follows that there is an additional load to the current structure. This, in turn, can have an implication on the durability and strength of the foundation, columns, walls and other components of the house. In these cases, Colorado Engineering Services would recommend that you have your home inspected for structural adequacy. A complete engineer inspection service will help you determine whether the current structural design of your property can support the additional load. If the existing structure will not be able to support the load of the proposed expansion, our professional inspectors will give you suggestions on how to address the inadequacies. While some home inspectors and other engineering firms may offer a similar service, we feel that ours is often better than what our competition can offer. We pride ourselves on offering a quick turnaround, and we also include a Repair/Replacement Spreadsheet along with our inspection report this lists the upcoming repairs and replacements that we feel should happen in the near future. Having an estimate of when and where these will take place is a great financial tool for the new property owner, and can help him or her budget for these projects.

We are committed to providing our clients with professional quality structural and foundation engineer inspection services throughout Colorado. Colorado Engineering Services performs many structural integrity inspections of buildings and foundations. Cracked, bulging or settled foundations can have several different causes and Western Reserve will recommend possible courses of action including continued monitoring, stabilization, and repair or rebuilding. You can have peace of mind when you contact us for inspection services, as our foundation inspection services are fair and based on experience.