Steel Building Engineering

Steel Building Engineering

Colorado Engineering Services, is committed to provide attractive, affordable, steel building engineering service that will exceed your expectations. We are structural experts with the experience to provide clients a comprehensive array of structural engineering services across a diverse range of industries and project types. Regardless of whether your project is in the Planning, Design, or Construction phase, we have the expertise and experience to help bring your project to successful completion. Steel building engineering is an essential service to assure your steel building is designed and planned according to engineering best practices. We are one of the few companies that provide comprehensive turnkey steel building engineering, design and construction services for your building. In the commercial steel building industry, steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes and come in many different sizes. Depending on your construction needs, Colorado Engineering Services assists in the design and development of your steel building plan and style.

We know that steel buildings offer an unsurpassed amount of design freedom, while also providing a lower cost solution that is environmentally sustainable. Steel buildings are resistant to natural and man-made wear. They withstand termites, fire, rust and rot. You can be confident your building will stand strong through a wide range of calamities. Steel buildings are so tough that their ductile and flexible nature lead them to be a popular choice when building in earthquake prone regions. Choosing structural steel for your next project will help reduce its overall cost and enhance its value. For many projects, the cost of a steel frame is lower than the cost of competing systems. Steel is the most sustainable construction material available for a world interested in maintaining ecological health. Beyond the material itself, the processes of producing, transporting and recycling steel also provide benefits in the form of lower energy use and better air and water quality, in comparison to many other manufactured materials.

Our engineers are professional, well trained and experienced in our specialty, which is one reason we have quickly become the best choice for steel building engineering services around Colorado. Specifically, As steel building engineering specialists, we provide value engineering design toward every aspect of steel structure design including building for factory, plant, bridge, stadium, recreation hall etc. Our steel building engineering experts are recognized in the industry for their professional experience and their ability to provide advice or to find solutions to optimize the manufacturing process of products as well as the design and construction of buildings


We believe that building with steel is the most cost effective and eco-friendly building system. We want our customers to know that a steel building is a safe, high quality, environmentally safe alternative building solution. If planning a steel building project, you need steel building engineering services. The team at Colorado Engineering Services, is your one-stop shop for all of your steel building engineering services. You can depend on us to handle the entire steel building design and engineering services from start to finish.