Residential Construction

January 6, 2024

Retrofitting Historic Homes for Structural Stability

Historic homes are charming remnants of bygone eras, showcasing architectural marvels and cultural heritage. However, with time comes wear and tear, and many of these venerable […]
January 4, 2024
Building Information Modeling

A Deep Dive into the Latest Advancements in Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In the ever-evolving realm of construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has emerged as a game-changer, reshaping the way residential homes are designed, constructed, and managed. This […]
January 3, 2024
Designing Homes for High Wind and Hurricane Zones

A Guide to Designing Homes for High Wind and Hurricane Zones

Living in high-wind and hurricane-prone areas can be both breathtaking and challenging. The picturesque coastal views and the soothing sound of crashing waves come hand in […]
January 3, 2024
Building Codes and Regulations

Building Codes and Regulations for Residential Structures

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting endeavor, but the journey involves more than just choosing the right floor plan and paint colors. Enter […]