Foundation Design

Foundation Design

The most critical piece of engineering work on any construction. A proper design of the foundation will result in a stable structure in years to come.Colorado Engineering Services have extensive experience with multiple types of shallow and deep foundation design. We will deliver a site-specific foundation design for your residential and commercial project, ranging from screw piers to waffle slabs, whether a single or double level home. We are also able to provide working platform design to ensure cost effective and efficient foundation construction.

We pay particular attention to reactive clay sites, which are susceptible to significant ground movement due to moisture changes. Colorado Engineering Services team is committed to our key principles of character, excellence, hard work and integrity, which has allowed us to become pioneers in innovative foundation systems. Our commitment to a safe and rewarding work environment provides for the continued success of our owners, partners, and employees. We also perform geotechnical investigations throughout our preferred specialised services offered.

Shallow Foundations

Shallow foundations are the most common and economical type of foundation. Shallow foundations for structures usually consist of reinforced concrete slabs (mats), continuous strip footings or spread footings. The design is based on an allowable bearing pressure along with maximum settlement criteria depending on the type and sensitivity of the structure.

Deep Foundations

Deep foundations are structural elements that are driven or drilled to or into stronger soil layers or rock.Our specialized team of professional engineers can provide design-build services for helical piles, driven piles, sheet piles, pile caps, and other unique engineering foundation challenges. If an unforeseen geotechnical condition arises, we are able to review the problem and address it expeditiously.

Our prices are reasonable and our service second to none. We don’t try to be cheapest, just the best, and with your most valuable asset at stake you don’t deserve any less.